Compare And Contrast Greek And Roman Architecture

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Have you ever seen or visited the Capital building, Washington or amphitheater of Arlinton, Virginia or Cabin John bridge of Washington aqueduct? If an answer is yes, then have you ever think that how we come up with this type of buildings? These all buildings’ basic structures are based on the Greek and Roman cultures’ architecture. Historical records of Western culture in Europe begin with Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome. Roman culture was very inspired from the Greece culture and they had used very basic ideas to build buildings and temples, to portrait sculpture. They modernized and improved their architectures and sculptures in decorative way and made a separate image in the world.
There are differences and similarities between Greek and Roman architecture because the Romans built on the earlier Greek knowledge but invented from there. Roman architecture was highly influenced by Greece, but the Romans also diverged to create a separate identity and uniqueness. Similarities between
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Although the Romans copied many aspects Greek culture, they also have made distinct contributions. Greece and Rome have also made tremendous contributions to our civilization with art and architecture. The Greeks invented the column and the Romans took these Greek features with some of their own, such as a strong new concrete concept, dome and arches and created marvelous structures. The Roman and the Greek gods seem to relate to each other. A similarity between the two mythologies is that the symbols and designations of powers are the same in the two. The differences are present in the date of creation. Also, for both mythologies we don’t know where and how were they created because there is more than one story that describes their beginning. The sculptures are more creative in Greek than Roman. Thus, Roman followed some basic ideas of Greek and Greek and Roman share a great distribution in the history of
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