How Cartoons Changed the World

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A cartoon is a two-dimensional illustrated visual art and are usually intended for satire, caricature, or humor, or to the artistic style of these works. The cartoonist is the creator behind the cartoon. The definition of the word “cartoon” has changed over time; however, in modern times, cartoons refer to potentially non-realistic or practically realistic drawing and paintings. In the Middle Ages, where the word “cartoon” originated, people described the cartoons as something that was drawn to prepare for a piece of art. In the 1800’s, the word cartoon came to mean illustrations with humor that usually appeared in magazines and newspapers. Ever since the early 1900’s, it referred to comic strips and animation in films. There are several types of cartoons: fine art, print media, political cartoons, scientific cartoons, books, and animation. In fine art, the word “cartoon” derived from the Italian word “cartone” and the Dutch word “karton”, which results in the morning, “strong, heavy paper or pasteboard.” A cartoon is a full-size drawing created on sturdy paper. Cartoons were most commonly utilized in the creation of frescoes. They were used to link the parts of the piece of art when it was painted on wet plaster. These cartoons almost always have pinpricks along the outlines of the painting. A bag of soot was patted down over the cartoon and it was held up against a wall to leave the plaster with black dots. Leonardo da Vinci is an example of someone who used this process to create cartoons in fine art. Da Vinci’s lost work, “Adam and Eve,” was a watercolor cartoon. In modern day print media, a cartoon is described as a humorous piece. Cartoons in print media date from back when Punch magazine claimed satirical drawings in its... ... middle of paper ... ...ther types of cartoons. Sidney Harris, better known as S. Harris, is one of the most popular scientific cartoonists. One example of his work is called “Then a Miracle Occurs.” As well as these scientific cartoons, book began including cartoons. Books that have cartoons in them are usually just reprints of cartoons found in newspapers. Eventually, comic books were made in a series, such as Scooby Doo and comic books about superheroes. In my opinion, animated cartoons have impacted today’s world the most. Animated cartoons are films for television, computers, or cinema. An early version animation is the common flip book. At first , cartoons were black and white with no sound, thus naming this time the silent era. Works Cited

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