How Can Romeo And Juliet Be Avoided Persuasive Essay

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A disaster, “a sudden event, such as an accident or a natural catastrophe that causes great damage or loss of life.” A disaster can be quite tragic, scary and life-changing. It’s something no one would ever want to experience in their lifetime, but, as people are rushing to make decisions without thinking, it may eventually cause disasters. Can disasters be avoided? They happen for a reason, and if you can avoid that reason, then yes disasters can be easily avoided. One of the reasons is by failing to consider the consequences that by one’s actions, leads to disaster. Death, chaos, and life-changing events may occur during the process that leads to a disaster. In Lord of the Flies, and Romeo and Juliet, it is evident that these three events develop.

By not deliberating ahead about the problem, it may lead to chaos. At the beginning of Romeo and …show more content…

During Lord of the Flies, when the boys go savage and kill Simon, they were not thinking clearly that night, as they thought Simon was the beast. The boys repeatedly yelled, “Kill the beast! Cut his throat! Spill his blood!” (Golding, 152), directly to Simon and not the beast. The next day, Ralph and Piggy are ashamed of what they did last night, and Ralph tells Piggy, “That was murder” (Golding, 156). This happened to be a life-changing event to all the boys because this was the first time they have killed someone, as they are now known as murderers, which will leave them forever guilty and scarred. As for Romeo and Juliet, Romeo fought with Tybalt, Juliet’s cousin because of the death of Mercutio. If he didn’t fight with Tybalt, he wouldn’t have been banished from Verona. A life-changing event that Romeo faced was being kicked out of Verona due to his mistake. When Mercutio challenged Tybalt to fight in Romeo’s stead, things didn’t end up well when Romeo tried to stop the fight, which left Mercutio to die. With his regrets, Romeo

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