How American Culture Defines Females versus Males

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How American Culture Defines Females versus Males

What is the woman's role in society? Men and women are by no means equal. There are always going to be certain attributes of each gender that the other gender cannot duplicate. This does mean that the one is better than the other. Even though we are seeing more and more women succeeding in life than men, American culture still defines a women as unequal.

Society has set men and women apart by labeling them. It is common for men to be seen as strong and women to be seen as weak. The culture thinks that women cannot do jobs like men do; such as firefighters or policemen etc and if they do these jobs, the culture looks at these women in a negative side because these jobs are masculine and women are not supposed to do these jobs. Furthermore, culture defines a woman as a sensitive person; however in order to obtain these jobs, you have to be aggressive and tough and a woman is not like that.

The female-male wage gap is a very objective representation of an accepted form of male dominance, whether it is fair or not. In business, men have always been in control. Now, women are fighting for equality in the workplace. However, American culture wants a woman to be a house wife, to just stay home and take care of children. Why should they? They have the right to make their own decisions. If a woman is interested in a job and meets the qualifications that employer requires, she should be considered eligible for that job. The point is that men have treated women as subordinates throughout history because that is what they have been taught by the culture: that women are not equal to men.

When it comes to sexuality, the culture still does not defines women as equal. For instance, the same girl who is pressured into having sex on Saturday, might be called "slut" and "whore" on Monday morning, but the man who forced her into sex at the party will be called something like "macho man" or "you are the man". Why is this different?
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