Housing Problems near Seattle Central District for College Students

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In these days, housing problems is one of the worst problems, not only for Seattle central students, but also all students who are university or college student in United States. According to homeguides.sfgate.com, students suffer from getting house or apartments in terms of cost and space. Apartments near around our school, especially, are more expensive than other schools. What is a worse, international student face more severe problems that housing cost is getting increased. Of course, housing cost becomes cheaper if apartment is a little further from Seattle central. However, students have to abandon regarding accessibility and convenience which is also important for students. Dormitory could be one of the best alternatives, but it has very limited capacity and it is expensive as apartments near our school.
As I mentioned above, housing problem should be solved as soon as possible. To do that, school has to consider how to solve cost and small dormitory.
To be specific, regarding cost aspect, apartments which are located near Seattle central are so expensive. For example, if we walk 20 minutes via Madison Street, there is an apartment called Summit at Madison Park. For one bedroom, it costs around $1450. However, near our school, apartments for one bedroom cost around $1700. This example shows that there is obviously gap. However whole university or college district in United States have similar troubles with solving this expensive housing cost near each school, school should provide some solution.
To solve this problem, school has to contract with apartments which are near our school so that students can get discount when students contract with that apartments. For instance, as students pay rent for a month; school pays for...

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...mitory due to lots of demand. In reality, even though I wanted to live in dormitory, I abandoned because of sharing a studio with more than 2 students. So I felt many students might have same experience with me so that I interviewed some students. According to several interviews, if the dormitory has bigger room and cheaper price, most of students said that they preferred the dormitory.
In conclusion, school should solve housing problems for students regarding cost, and small dormitory. To do so, school should contract with apartments near Seattle central or extend this small dormitory. Furthermore, school should stand for student’ position. Then school acknowledges necessities of improving these problems and school must prosecute these solutions. If these problems are solved, students can put their all effort into studying and school can retain competent students.

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