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IEE 581 Six Sigma Methodology – Assignment 3 Sriram Arunachalam
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Case Study on Designing New Housing at the University of Miami using DMADV Approach
The method of Six Sigma mainly focuses on the variation reduction in the process that happen in any business, which helps to reach a higher customer satisfaction level. There are two main approach of six sigma that can be incorporated for this cause. They are DMAIC (Define Measure Analyze Improve Control) and DMADV (Define Measure Analyze Design Verify) [3]. The author of this paper focus mainly on the DMADV approach to design a new dorm concept at the University of Miami, and this is intended to provide a new roadmap for conducting a design for six sigma project. [1]
The prime reason for considering the DMADV is because it involves the operations of innovating new ideas and improving the existing idea or approach in any design. Also, it helps in identifying the threats that arise out of competition from fellow company in the field. Since there would be always an increase in competition due to growth in a number of organizations, each player must implement these methods of Six Sigma to improve their business model and attain success.
The major problem faced by the University of Miami in the process of allotting new dorm rooms to the pupils due to the sudden rise in the pupil enrollment and several policy changes in management has been addressed by the author in this paper. This policy includes making it mandatory for the new incoming freshmen to stay in the dorms. These problems are addressed by administration by implementing the DMADV approach of Six Sigma. [1]
Six Sigma Approach – DMADV:
Each and every step of the DMADV approach has been explored by the ...

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...y conceptual. But I sense that this might suffice as an initial tip and could help the multitudes who are carrying on the design procedure of these dorms. [2][5]
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In this essay, the author

  • Explains how each step of the dmadv approach has been explored in an efficient way to address this problem, thereby improving the residence hall system.
  • Explains that initiates the project by discussing various factors such as goal definition, scope of project, statement of problem, etc., taking the current process involved and also the business requirements into consideration.
  • Explains how the team came up with a list of possible projects, and the failure model effect analysis (fmea) model was used to analyze all the risks and benefits involved in the project.
  • Explains that a gantt chart was developed to illustrate the project schedule and keep track of the timeline.
  • Explains that the measure phase of this project consists of three main steps: first, we need to examine the market segment, then design and conduct a kano survey.
  • Explains that the analyze phase is divided into four steps based on kano analysis and ctq. the prime focus of this phase was to develop excellent dormitory impressions.
  • Explains that a basic design floor plan was developed considering the results of voc from the kano analysis. a design matrix was used to confirm that it comprehends the major ctq's from all the design concepts.
  • Explains that a checklist was developed to keep the process capabilities under control, including defects per unit, regular deliveries, etc.
  • Analyzes the problem faced by the administration of the university of miami on the residential dorm room allotment to the students.
  • Cites johnson, j. a., h. gitlow, s. widener, and e. popovich. designing new housing at the university of miami: a "six sigma"dmadv/dfss case study.
  • Explains the failure mode effects analysis (fmea) of asq. n.p.
  • Explains that the method of six sigma focuses on the variation reduction in the process that happen in any business, helping to reach a higher customer satisfaction level.

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