Horseriding in the Area of Sancreed

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Horseriding in the Area of Sancreed

For my Geography G.C.S.E coursework I am going to study Horse riding

in the area of Sancreed. I will investigate whether there are a

certain amount of areas that horse riders can go. As I enjoy horse

riding I can investigate this and give an opinion whether there are

enough and how they can be improved.

Sancreed is a popular area for bridle ways as there are many different

tracks you can go on. The bridle ways lead off to certain areas in

Sancreed such as around the available farm land and along the river

banks. They all lead back into the middle of the village around the

Chapel. You can see this on the map. There are many abandoned farm

houses near by, loads of mine shafts which have been fenced off for

safety and electrical generators. These are also many safe enclosed

areas where horse riders can go and ride.

I shall gather my information by traffic Surveys and Questionnaires. I

can hand out questionnaires at my local horse riding centre and too my

friends as they have horses themselves and they ride in the area of

Sancreed. I will use the road traffic surveys to see whether or not it

is safe enough for horse riders to ride safely on the roads. The

questionnaires are to see the public's opinion on how the bridle ways

can be improved or if they are suitable as they are.


I am going to test whether there are enough safe areas for horse

riders to go in the area of Sancreed and to test how horse riding has

damaged the environment.


What is the history of Bridleways?

Bridleways were opened for the public as a safe place to go and ride.

On 3rd of March 2000 a bill called the Rights of Way Act was
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