A Historical Overview of Horseback Riding

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Were there any impacts of the equine revolution on humans? This is one of the many questions that some people normally do not think about. The uses of equines have changed tremendously over their existence. Horseback riding has evolved in many ways. Today, using horses for transportation has declined, however leisure and rehabilitative activities have increased. To understand horseback riding, it is essential to look at the history of equines, the sport of horseback riding, and how to take care of a horse.
Horseback riding can be traced back more than 15,000 years. The Romans used horses for chariot racing during Medieval Times. Jousting was another sport used during the Medieval Times. Thus consisted of horses running face to face and the riders, with swords, fighting to the riders death. Equines were used for transportation as well as part of war and agriculture. Indians used horses for transportation more than 3,000 years ago. Farmers used horses to plow fields for crops, before the invention of tractors and plows. Equines were used for many forms of transportation, such as delivering mail and hauling wagons for moving families. Arabians (the breed) were used for endurance, in the desert, because of the horses high stamina and excessive strength with lack of water. Draft horses were used for farming and and plowing. Because of their size, they can haul and pull more weight than an ordinary horse ("The Use of Horses," n.d.).
The equestrian sport in the Olympics first debuted in 1900, in Paris, France. Many people do not believe that horseback riding is a sport, but according to the Olympics, the horse is considered as much an athlete as the rider. Barrel Racing is one sport where horses and their riders compete to get th...

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