Horace's Character Traits in Foote's The Dancers

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For a person to be their self they need to rise above their fears and then they will become superior to aversion. Horace’s character traits are boring, resulting in an uneventful life. Due to his personality, difficulties arise within himself and between him and others. When he overcomes his fears, positive resolutions emerge forming a lifelong lesson. Horace lacks certain qualities, but each experience he is to go through; he will gain confidence, courage, and strength in order to discover his true self and important values. Horace’s qualities construct a life with no excitement, causing internal and external conflicts. Horace’s characteristics are not what every girl will chase. Horace is: shy, thin, sensitive, socially awkward, has a lacking of confidence, and is unassertive. Girls want self-confident, outgoing, assertive guys. Also, Horace experiences a conflict within himself. Horace has to learn to overcome his lack of confidence. He can’t talk to girls because he thinks he can’t impress them, therefore he needs to learn girls will like him if he is himself. In addition, Hora...

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