Homelessness In Canada Essay

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Researchers from the Parliament of Canada have proven that there are “as many as 300,000 homeless in Canada” . Homelessness is a major social issue which is present in society throughout most of the world; when it comes to Canada it is no exception. The homeless are known as people who do not have a home or a stable place of residence, they are seen as individuals who sleep in “shelters, public places, vehicles, abandoned building or someone else’s home” . In the past few years homelessness in Canada has become a growing social issue. Researchers say that there are approximately one hundred million homeless individuals who live in public areas, which means they are that one hundred million out one billion homeless individuals …show more content…

In the 1980’s the homeless population started to increase . The increase of homelessness was lead by a variety of situations such as “criminality, public health and the economy” . The economy was not doing well, crime rates were increasing because of the economy and this was affecting many individuals health. In the 1980’s homelessness started to be viewed differently as compared to before. People in the 1980’s started to realize that homelessness definitely referred to poverty, which meant living without a place of residence. They also started to realize in the 1980’s that even poor quality homes were not affordable to the homeless. Twenty-five years ago the United Nations confirmed it was International Year of Shelter for the Homeless. This 1987 event lead Canada to have many conferences on homelessness rather it is local, regional or national. Ever since the 1987 International Year of Shelter for the Homeless there continues to be many more conferences as compared to before. This event has lead to many more people getting involved in doing research on the Homelessness as it is an important focus …show more content…

Homelessness in Canada is viewed with causes and consequences such as substances abuse, mental illnesses and media depictions and representation of the homeless. Nevertheless, its solutions include assistance by the government and other organizations such as emergency shelters, meal programs, etc. The growth of homelessness across Canada is a current issue that has increased in the past few years. Homeless are individuals who do not have a dwelling, and throughout the night-time or when they are in the search for food they try to go to specific shelters who are able to provide them with assistance. Homelessness is caused by different life situations such as individuals that have a hard time facing society. Many of the homeless may have faced a loss in society such as losing a job, losing a loved one, they may also have drug and alcohol addictions where they lose all their money and then do not have money to pay off their bare necessities. Some homeless may even have a mental illness not knowing how to deal with the world or they may just have been simply psychologically abused and abandoned by their loved

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