Home Remedies for Kidney Stones

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Kidney stones are a result from the chemicals found in the urine. These chemicals are uric acid, calcium, phosphorus and oxalic acid. Kidney stone are tiny and hard deposits found in the kidney. They allow the urine to become concentrated and make the minerals and chemicals to crystallize and stick together.

The pain can be severe and basically starts on the side or below the ribs and may go lower towards the groin and abdomen.

Symptoms of kidney stones

The symptoms or signs may or may not develop until and unless the stones move into the tube that connects the kidney and bladder called ureter. The following are some common signs you may encounter at the time of kidney stones disorder.

• Pain in the side, back and below the ribs that may be severe.

• This pain can spread to the lower abdomen and finally to the groin.

• While urination there is a pain

• The urine can be red, pink or brown

• Vomiting

• Nausea

• If there is infection then there is chance of getting chills and fever

• Persistent urge or feeling to urinate

Kidney stone test

To diagnose the kidney stones, you may undergo some procedures and test such as:

• Urine test

The urine test shows the excretion of too many stone forming minerals or chemicals.

• Blood test

This test shows excess uric acid or calcium in the blood. This test helps to monitor the health of the kidneys.

• Analysis of passed stones

A strainer is used which is designed to catch the stones from the kidney. This can be collected to test in the labs. Henceforth it will be used to reveal the makeup of the kidney stones.

• Imaging tests

This kind of tests is used to reveal the kidney stones in the urinary tract. This imaging test may include X-rays or CT i.e. computerized to...

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...emedies for Kidney Stones using coconut water and onions

• Coconut water is a natural means to break kidney stones and can be easily pass out.

• Onions is one of the effective home remedies for kidney stones. Cut two medium sized onions and cook it in a glass of water. After a sufficient time and cooling strain it and drink the juice and continue this for three days. The stones can be easily passed and you can see effect from the second day.

Home remedies for Kidney Stones using kidney beans

• After removing the kidney beans from the pods, boil 50 grams of these pods in 4 liter of water for atleast few hours. Strain the liquid and drink this decoction every three hours a day during the first few days and several times a week.

Follow any one of the above home remedies for kidney stones and if the condition persists than it is advisable to consult a doctor.
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