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Home remedies for cholera Cholera is a disease caused by bacteria and spreads trough contaminated water. The dangerous phase of cholera is the grater loss of fluid from the body in a short span of time. In a more severe scenario, it may produce diarrhea within few hours of consumption of contaminated water. Although modern sewage and other modern methods of water treatment have eliminated cholera in most of the industrialized countries, it still prevails in many developing countries. In fact, cholera becomes epidemic when people are force to live in crowded condition without adequate and proper sanitation. Symptoms of cholera Most of the people do not know that they are infected by cholera because they shed the bacteria in the stool within one to two weeks. Nevertheless, they can still infect others. It is found that only one out of ten cholera infected people develops some typical symptoms which are listed below: • Severe watery diarrhea Diarrhea caused by cholera is voluminous, with fleck of mucus and dead cells. It is pale, and has milky appearance that resembles rice water. it can become dangerous when the body loses a quarter of fluid in an hour. • Nausea and vomiting This occurs in the beginning and later stages of cholera. • Muscle cramps This happens due to loss of salt like sodium, potassium and chloride from the body. • Dehydration This can develop within hours of the onset cholera. This can range from mild to severe. The common symptoms of cholera dehydration are sunken eyes, irritability, lethargy, dry mouth, extreme thirst, little or no urine output, shriveled skin, low blood pressure and irregular heartbeat. • Shock that may be hypovolemic which can be one of the serious complications of dehydration... ... middle of paper ... ...s in three liters of water. Boil this water till it is reduced to half its total content. This final decoction should be given to the patient several times in a day. This reduces the bowel irritation and hence relieves the patient. Home remedies for cholera using butter milk and herbs • Buttermilk along with cumin seeds with a pinch of rock salt is an effective treatment for cholera. • Effective decoction can be prepared from herbs like basil leaves which can work wonders in curing cholera. • Another herbal medicine is Kutajarishta which has a good positive effect on the conditions caused by cholera. If the cholera persists and worsen the condition always consult a doctor. However, apart from all the home remedies for cholera, an improved sanitation condition and other personal hygiene will help fight against the contagious disease like cholera.

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