Holocaust as the Worst Manmade Disaster

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Holocaust as the Worst Manmade Disaster The Holocaust was a terrible historical event. It took the lives of many innocent people. As Nazi Germany gained control of one country after another in World War II, many civilians were killed. These crimes weren't as bad as the massive and deliberate and well-planned killing of more than fifteen million people. Although the Holocaust was the worst manmade disaster in recent history, it taught the world the value of human life. The main goal of the Nazi Holocaust was to kill all of the Jews in Europe. Hitler wanted what he called a perfect race. Anyone who wasn?t in his race or what he thought was a perfect race was tormented and killed. Jews were forced to wear yellow stars so everyone would know who they were. Adolf Hitler?s persecution of the Jews began as soon as the Nazis came to power in 1933(Fischel 30) . Hitler led the Germans to believe that the Jews were behind a conspiracy, so the Germans boycotted Jewish businesses. Jews were driven from their jobs in government and in universities. They became ?nonpersons? in their very own country, with no claim to rights of any kind. Many nations fled to other European nations or to the United States. The Jews were fearing for their lives, unfortunately not everyone could go, some would have to stay and endure something they couldn?t imagine.(www.feduja.org) Adolf Hitler was born on April 20, 1889, in Brawnaw, which is at the border between Austria and Bavaria. Hitler had a strained relationship with his father. He joined the National Socialist Workers Party in 1919 and became the chairman in July 1921(Fischel 136). As World War II turned against Germany, Hitler retreated to an underground bunk in Berlin in January 1945. When Hitler made his last will and testament, he blamed the Jews for Germany?s defeat and encouraged the nation to keep the blood pure. He then married his mistress Eva Braun, and committed suicide with her on April 30, 1945(Fischel 138). Hitler had Germany practically in a trance. The Jews were so scared. No one really knew why Hitler had the Jews like he did or what his reason he had behind the whole ordeal. The Nazis deceived their victims in cruel ways. Even though they treated the Jews like animals, they also confused them into thinking everything was going to be ok. They gave false hope to t... ... middle of paper ... ...hat Hitler did so people will never forget the pain the Jews went through. Jews were singled out for no reason and they were Gods chosen people. Hitler will have to pay for what he did to the Jews. I think the most important lesson of all is the lesson of endurance. So many Jews endured so much. There was almost nothing they couldn?t take on. They knew they had Jesus on their side and they knew he would always be there for them. It is a awful thing that it happened but so many people have learned and will continue learning from it. Works Cited Adolf Hitler . 15 March 2000 <http://www.historyplace.com/worldwar2// >. Anflick, Charles. Resistance . Rosen Publishing Group: New York 1999. Cybrary of the Holocaust .2 April 2000 <http://remember.org/> Fischel, Jack . The Holocaust .Greenwood Press Westport, 1998. Herzstein, Robert. The war that Hitler won. Paragon House Publishers : New York,1987. Laqueur, Walter. The Terrible Secret .Owl Books Henry Holt and Company: New York, 1980 Lazare , Lucien . Rescue as Resistance. Columbia University Press : New York, 1996. Rothchild Sylvia . Voices from the Holocaust . New American Library : New York, 1981.

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