Holes by Louis Sachar

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Holes by Louis Sachar Summary I had just read a book called Holes by Louis Sachar, and was published by Dell Yearling in 1998. This story is about an innocent boy named Stanley Yelnats IV, whose name is very stand-out in his family, because every man in his family has this name except they are spelled differently from either frontward or backward. Stanley is a very quiet boy. Therefore, he has no friends in school and tends to be picked on because of his size all of the time. His family is very poor, and it is very reasonable to blame this cause on their great great grandfather. When Stanley’s great great grandfather was still living, he had stolen a pig from a Gypsy, and as the result she had pressed a curse on him and among his descendents. Stanley is a very bad luck kid. He was mistakenly convicted for stealing a pair of Clyde Livingston shoes. No one believes Stanley that those shoes were falling on top of him out of nowhere. As the result, the judge has given him two choices in which he’s either going to jail, or will be sent to a boy’s detention center, known as Camp Green Lake. Stanley, of course, decided his decision to Camp Green Lake, where he thought he would make some more new friends and get to do camping like other kids get to do. Stanley learns his vision at the lake was totally different when he finally arrived there. He found there is no lake, except it’s just a wide abandoned desert with bunch of holes everywhere. Mr. Sir, who’s a sunflower seeds addicted, gave Stanley an orange outfit just like the rest of the other boys are having. Stanley learns the life at the camp isn’t as simple as he thought it would be. In every early morning, all of the boys through out the whole camp would have to start digging holes that is must be 5 feet deep and 5 feet wide in the hot desert with only one canteen fills with water until the late evening. If any boy found anything interesting, he’s then must reporting it to Mr. Sir. Stanley makes a lot of new friends. Yet he’s only getting closer to one boy whose name is Zero. Zero is a very quiet person. He doesn’t talk much. He couldn’t read also. Therefore, Stanley has made an agreement with Zero in which he would teach Zero how to read, and Zero would dig holes for Stanley. Zero helps Stanley with the digging and whenever they are having free time Stanley would go on and teach Zero
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