Hitler's Becoming a Dictator

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Hitler's Becoming a Dictator There are many factors that allowed Hitler to seize power in 1934. One reason was the Munich Putsch, which put Hitler in jail and allowed him to write “Mein Kampf” and the 25-point programme, which helped him to win votes. Another reason was the Wall Street crash, which caused another depression in Germany, which made people vote for the Nazi party. Another reason Hitler was able to come into power was the Reichstag fire, which the Nazis blamed on a communist and this affected the 1933 Election in their favour. The fire also allowed Hitler to pass the “Enabling act”, which basically meant that no one could oppose him and Germany had to do what he said without question. To aid this un-challenged state, Hitler killed a lot of members of the SA, who up until then had been a branch of the Nazi party. But they had socialist views, which were getting in the way of Hitler having ultimate power as a dictator. Finally President Hindenburg died and this allowed Hitler to seize total control of Germany. The Munich Putsch in 1923 was a failure for the Nazi party in the short term, but in the long run it helped Hitler to become dictator of Germany. The Munich Putsch involved Hitler and some other Nazis marching in protest to try and start a revolution against the government who weren’t solving Germany’s depression. The Putsch failed for a number of reasons. The first reason was that the army and the police didn’t join in the march as Hitler expected they would. This meant that they stood against the marching Nazis. Hitler also miscalculated the mood of the German people who weren’t ready for an uprising. Af... ... middle of paper ... ...nt Hindenburg or the army wanted this as the SA’s socialist views were completely against Hitler ruling Germany in a dictatorship. By using the SS to kill members of the SA, Hitler appeased Hindenburg and the army and sent a message to others who may have thought of challenging him. Then President Hindenburg died of old age. This allowed Hitler to take over as Supreme leader (the Führer) of Germany. On the 2nd of August 1934 the entire army swore an oath of personal loyalty to Hitler and he began his dictatorship. In my opinion the Wall Street crash was the most important reason for Hitler coming into power. This is because if this hadn’t happened, Germany would still have been able to recover economically and there would have been no depression and therefore no need for extreme politics to solve the situation.
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