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1836 words

Volleyball today has little resemblance to its predecessors. The modern version of volleyball played today has changed so much compared to the original game. The rules and scoring systems have changed multiple times. Equipment and technique have changed a fair amount too. But one of the original ideas from William G. Morgan that has stood the tests of time, the original goal of the sport. The goal to have a sport for all ages that brings people together to have fun and exercise together.

VOLLEYBALL TODAY: The rules for volleyball Today, people play volleyball all over the world as a pass time, a school sport, and even as an Olympic sport. The game can consist of two to twelve players. Volleyball combines power, speed, and finesse (Dearing xi). Six players play on the court on a volleyball team, who each must rotate one position clockwise every time their team wins back …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that the modern version of volleyball has changed so much compared to the original game. the original goal of the sport was to bring people together to have fun and exercise together.
  • Explains the rules of volleyball, which combines power, speed, and finesse.
  • Explains how springfield college invented the sport of volleyball in 1895 as a response to the game of basketball.
  • Explains that the original rules of volleyball have changed many times to create what we play today, but some have stood the test of time.
  • Explains that william g. morgan created volleyball and educated many young youth. he was the first child to george and nancy morgan (dearing 3).
  • Narrates how morgan fell behind in his studies because of a constant feeling of not belonging. at age 14, he ran away from home to help make canal boats.
  • Narrates how william strayed away from wanting to become an engineer because he liked the idea of mind-body-spirit. he married mary king caldwell in 1893.
  • Analyzes how william watched mintonette grow and spread like wildfire across the nation and eventually across world. he left holyoke and moved to new haven connecticut but moved back to lockport in 1898.
  • Explains that the original equipment for volleyball has changed drastically. the court started out as twenty-five feet wide and fifty feet long and a net divided the court.

Volleyball encouraged teamwork without the bloody noses and injuries that basketball brought (Dearing xi). It all started as Morgan spent time hitting a basketball at John Lynch, the Holyoke YMCA fire chief (Dearing 31). Due to the weight of the basketball, it would not keep afloat in the air properly (Dearing 31). So they took the bladder of the basketball and found it much easier the hit (Dearing 31). Morgan stretched a tennis net across the gym (Dearing 32). Morgan then divided some men into teams (Dearing 32). He told the men to bat the ball back and forth over the net (Dearing 32). Morgan called the game mintonette (Dearing 32). Mintonette, is a combination of basketball, baseball, tennis, and handball (How Volleyball was Introduced). The positions covered the court including; right back, left back, center, right forward, and left forward (Dearing

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