London 2012 Olympics and Risk Management

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As stated before, the Olympic Games have become a mega event in size and complexity compared to what it was in its beginning during Athens 1896 Olympics, when only 241 amateur athletes competed in mini sports. Therefore, the number of risks that can take place during the even has increased significantly including aspects such as infrastructure, finance, operations, security and including natural hazards as well as manmade hazards.
The London Olympics 2012 (OSSSRA) has considerate different types of manmade hazard such attacks on crowded places, attacks to the transport system and other terrorists attacks that may occur during the event. As London has experience different terrorist attacks in the past such as the bombings in the 7th of July 2005 in which terrorists had targeted civilians; terrorists killed 52 people leaving other 700 with several injuries during an attack to the public transport system (BBC News, 2006). Also trying to avoid another terrorist attack such as the Munich massacre in 1972 that occurred during the Summer Olympics of the same year. During this attack 11 members of the Israeli Olympics team were killed by terrorist demanding the r4eealise of 234 prisoners being held in Israel as well as two founder of the German Read Army Fraction (Rosenberg, 2014).
Another risk that mega events such as the Olympic Games can face is the risk of not being able to maintain financial controls such as going over what has being agree on the budget. For instance, during the Montreal Olympics 1976, organisers faced the issue of having to modify the velodrome as they discovered that they subsoil was weak and unstable; an aspect that was missed by geological studies done at the beginning. Certain aspects of the budge...

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