History Of Polystyrene

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Perform research on the polystyrene? Polystyrene:- Polystyrene is a thermoplastic polymer which is the third most important polymer which is synthetically prepared from the styrene of monomers which is petrochemical liquid. It can be hard or can b soft foamed. It is inexpensive resin that’s why it is clear, brittle and hard. The excellent processing and physical properties make this thermoplastic material very suitable that’s why it is used in many applications. It is a vinyl polymer which has long hydrocarbon chain and phenyl group attached to every other carbon atom. It is formed or produced by polymerization of vinyl which should be a free radical. This polystyrene is a component of type of hard rubber which is also called poly(styrene-butadiene-styrene). Polystyrene will take more volume in landfill than paper and enter the environment again and again when water or any mechanical force breach landfills. We can also say that it performed many functions as a monomer which is to be found in many different polymers. As estimated that the 17-21 million tons of polystyrene is produced yearly. History of polystyrene:- Polystyrene made in 1839, by a German apothecary called Edward Simon. What he did that he isolated the substance from naturally product resins but he eve don’t know that what he had formed and discovered. From resins of tree named Turkish sweet gum, he get an oily substance which become thick into jelly in air which is known as sterol oxide and there are some of the chain reactions described by the Hermann, occur in the sterol by heat, result in the making of the macromolecules and these molecules after observation were the polystyrene. Chemical for... ... middle of paper ... ...Electrical properties:-  The power factor for polystyrene is 106-107  The dielectric value of polystyrene is excellent which is 2.4-3.1  These are used to find the response to an electric field.  Its volume resistivity is >106 ohm-cm  Its arc resistivity is given as 70 ohm. Thermal properties:-  Thermal properties of the polystyrene are used when the material of polystyrene is closed to heat.  Its properties include the glass transition temperature, heat distortion temperature and its thermal conductivity.  It is a thermoplastic which is in solid form in its normal temperature but when heated above the glass transition temperature it becomes into liquid and can be easily molding.  Its glass transition temperature is 100 degree centigrade.  Its thermal conductivity is 0.14 W/M-K  Its specific heat capacity is1250 J/KG-K Manufacturing of polystyrene:-
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