History And Importance Of Spectroscopy

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The history of spectroscopy originated with Isaac Newton's optics experiments (1666–1672). The word "spectrum" was applied by Newton to describe the rainbow of colors that combine to form white light and that are revealed when the white light is passed through a prism. During the early 1800s, Joseph von Fraunhofer made experimental advances with dispersive spectrometers that enabled spectroscopy to become a more precise and quantitative scientific technique. Since then, spectroscopy has played and continues to play a significant role in the field of chemistry, physics and astronomy. Rotational Spectroscopy Spectroscopy in the microwave region ie rotational spectroscopy is concerned with the study of rotating molecules. It may seem quite…show more content…
(7) m1+m2 Substituting these values of r1 and r2 from equation (6) and (7) in equation (5) we get The term m1m2 is known as the reduced mass of the system and is represented by µ. Thus m1+m2 the above Equation can be written as I=µr2 .This equation is useful in calculating the moment of inertia (I) of simple diatomic molecules , whose inter- nuclear distance is (r) and respective masses of the two atoms are known. The rotational energy of diatomic molecule , Ej in rotational energy level is J is given by Schrodinger’s
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