History AOK Essay

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History is the study of the past. It is the combination of many different interpretations divided over different languages, cultures, and individuals. It is “fragments of knowledge that we put together” (Bishop). With that said, I believe that new information will disturb the already unstable model of the historical past. This is demonstrated through history’s influence on our emotion and sense perception. Initially, a change in historical evidence can drastically affect our emotions. In reality this is seen most commonly in the relationship between two countries. Concurrently, this is most evidently portrayed between China and Japan’s strife of the Diaoyu or Shekaku Islands. The islands are located west of the Chinese coast. The conflict between the two nations arose because of disagreements between their two independent versions of history. For most of China, the war represents the social emotion of embarrassment and a time of suffering. It is this embarrassment that eventually led to the more nationalistic protests that occurred throughout the Chinese mainland. The many protest...
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