Hip Hop Synthesis Essay

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When many people think of hip hop, they tend to draw on the negative aspects of it rather than focusing on the deeper meaning of it. We continuously associate this genre of music with gangs, street life, drugs, and other activities that have harmful effects on our communities. Seldom do we, individuals living in the modern era of hip hop, take the time to truly examine this style and recognize the deeper meaning that comes with it. Micheal Eric Dyson said it best when he said, “hip hop is still fundamentally an art form…” (Dyson xvii) Without a doubt, the definition of hip hop in the modern era has changed drastically from the time it first started becoming popular. Today, people typically define it as street music or symbols of gang activity,…show more content…
In their song about hip hop, KRS-One and Marley Marl tell us that this genre has become more than just music and he states that “hip is the knowledge, hop is the movement, hip hop is intelligent.” (Marl) Many will strongly disagree with this thinking, however once you dig into the deeper meaning of it, their lyrics have truth to them. They specifically tell us that the definition has a much larger definition than what it is often given and can often include an intellectual element that people do not always understand. Many of these artists considered it an art form rather than just some beats and lyrics thrown together. In the definition from Michael Eric Dyson, we learn that hip hop is indeed an art form and that the music uses literary and artistic ideas to spread its message to the listeners. (Dyson xvii) This concept may persuade some to view the music as a more than just another type of genre. In an article he wrote in a local newspaper, Jack Chick compares the nature of hip hop and rap music to that of Satanism. The ex-high Satanist that he interviewed stated, “…it (hip hop music) is identical with the voodoo chants and rituals used within Satanism to summon up demons of lust and violence.” (Small 1992:4) Now, this is a prime example of the misconception people have about the meaning of this type of music. We can draw on the song by Marley Marl and KRS-One for a more in-depth

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