Hinduism or Buddhism

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I could not have written this paper without at least experiencing either Hinduism or Buddhism religions for myself. I have visited the Shri Swaminarayan Mandir in quest of answers to better understand the Hindu faith. During my visit at the temple, I have read and understood from notes posted near the beautiful marble walls of the mandir or in the books sold at gift shop that Sanatana Dharma (eternal religion) also called Hinduism took birth in the Indus valley and preceded the Aryan invasion of northern India around 1500 BC. These Aryan have developed most of the components of the current Hindu tradition (Hinduism, Belief and Impressions pp. 1-3).
If I was living in 100 BC and had a choice to choose between Hinduism and Buddhism, I would choose to be Hindu since Hinduism had an amazing history and originality outstanding. The religion is often called "the oldest religion in the world" which implies that it has a great amount of history behind it. Its originality comes from its main features which include the belief in a Supreme Being, cosmic principle, eternal and infinite, the foundation of all things. Hindus believe that the universal soul takes three forms that are complementary: Brahma (creative principle), Vishnu (conservative principle) and Shiva (destroyer principle). In the various sects of Hinduism, believers are followers or devotees of a god that they see as the main deity and the other gods are merely avatars including those of the opposite sex. In addition, the first texts of Hinduism, dating back beyond the second millennium BC, are the four Vedas: Rig-Veda, Atharva-veda, Yajur-veda, and Sama-veda. According to the precepts of Hinduism, time is divided into eons which succeed to infinity. Birth, life and the disap...

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...e caste system followed by the Hindus, (which is the part of the religion that I do not really appreciate) but that Buddhist totally ignore.
In conclusion, I do prefer Hinduism despite the caste system. I would still believe in Buddha as a reincarnation of Vishnu since I would be a Vaishnava but I would believe in a creator because this beautiful nature that I see around me everyday did not just appear out of nowhere. There is a spiritual being from my standpoint that is behind the formation this wonderful creation that we call the universe and all its surprises.

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