Hinduism And Buddhism Comparison

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Fann 1 Jacob Fann Religions of the World Paper Assignment #1 February 14th, 2014 Compare and Contrast Buddhism and Hinduism Buddhism and Hinduism are two major religions in the world we live in. “Hinduism focuses on really duties and principals to sustain your life, while Buddhism try to strip from suffering of any sort.”(Class Lecture January 22nd, 2014) In both religions, a person wants to find the highest form of life and live life to the fullest. The way to find your true-self and the highest form of life in both religions is through one of the tenants, a concept of Dharma, or the duties one should do. Dharma plays one of the bigger roles in a person life in both of these religions. Both of these religions are formed from the Indian theoretical ideas. Dharma is used both in Hinduism and Buddhism and share some similarities and have many differences. While in Hinduism Dharma shows the rules of living, in Buddhism, it shows the way things work. ( Class Lecture January 22nd, 2014) Dharma does not have just one definition. In Hinduism it means, “ righteousness, law, duty, moral teachings, religion itself or the order of the universe”.(Vann Voorst, Robert E. World RELG. Page 72) In the religion of Hinduism, the caste system place a huge role with Dharma. Dharma in Hinduism is not just a set of principals and laws to everyone, but is “ specific to one's place in the world: one's social position or caste membership, stage of life and gender” (Vann Voorst, Robert E. World RELG. Page 72), which is the caste system. Like the book says, “ the dharma of a member of the warrior class is distinct from that of a laborer; the dharma of a youth is different from that of the father of a family, and a husband's dharma differs from h... ... middle of paper ... ...it.(Class Lecture, 2014) Buddhism doesn’t focus on the rules of living, but focuses on the way things should work. Buddhism focuses on stripping away and escaping suffering that a person has. ( Class Lecture, 2014) Buddhism and Hinduism even though have many differences, together are related. Comparing them both, they both impose an order, Hinduism imposing really the rules of living and instructions of the law, order and teachings in life, while Buddhism focuses on the discipline of the way Fann 3 things work. Both of them impose a concept of how the universe works and teach a person so they can live a life to the fullest. “Both Hinduism and Buddhism are family oriented religions and older religions too”.( Class Lecture January 22nd, 2014) Even though, these religions are two different ones, they are both very similar to the overall reach and beliefs.

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