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Choosing a path regarding higher education is a major decision that now involves a larger risk for students than in previous years. As the price of college continues to rise in today's poor economy, it may be in a students best interest to consider a two year community college over a four year school. While the two are often portrayed to be similar, there are quite a few differences that separate the education each school offers. Community colleges are often over looked and underestimated in comparison to a four year school, but two year schools have a lot to offer and in some instances can be more beneficial in furthering education than a four year school.

For many people, the money saved by enrolling in a community college is the largest benefit. Tuition costs alone are significantly lower at a community college, reducing student loan debt. Between 2010 and 2011, the average tuition prices for United States four year colleges was $15,605 whereas the average community college price was almost half of that at $7,925 (Institute of educational sciences). There are many other contributors to saving money at a community college other than education expenses. It is common for most undergraduate students, especially in their first two years of college, to live on campus. While living in a dorm is often viewed as part of the so called “college experience”, it can be costly. There are many benefits in commuting to a community college rather than living on campus at a four year school. For most students entering college right out of high school, living at home (as in with parents or guardians) is still an option. By attending a community college and living at home students are saving money on living costs, meal plans etc. Although no...

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...pensive choice, making it rise in popularity due to the economic situation in the United States. Four year schools are great for students looking to move away from home or who are interested in the traditional college experience, whereas community colleges give opportunity to those who may not have as many opportunities or need more flexibility in their schedules.
It is important to know that community colleges and four year schools have many differences but both offer a quality education.

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