Community College: A Wiser Decision

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Nowadays, many people seek higher education for a better advantage in finding a job and getting a better life. Even though many people think going to a four year university directly from high school is a good idea; they are wrong. Starting out at a two year college is more affordable. Also, it helps people explore careers and prepare people to do better in four years universities later down the road. Going to four a year college directly after high school would cost a fortune amount of money. Before high school’s graduation even comes close, parents and students already find themselves in a marketing environment to look for higher education. The estimate cost of four year university is from thirty to sixty thousand each year. It is impossible for an average 18 year old high school graduate student to hold up these tuition fees on their own. Without the help from wealthy parents or government loans, four years university educations are considered luxury-dreams for high school graduates. Even though many people assume they would able to save a great amount of time and get better jobs by going directly to a four year university, it is not a realistic assumption. According to Kevin Carey, director of the Education Policy Program at the New America Foundation, a large and growing number of graduates are having trouble paying their loans for tuition fees as well as worthless degrees has became a signification topic. Leaving qualities and results of four years education undecided, it is a great deal of effort to find a job in nowadays economy. In fact, there isn’t a bridge to go directly from four years university to a job. Going to a two year college before a four year university is a wiser decision. Many people think that everything ... ... middle of paper ... ...ady for university, rushing will only lead to failure; so it is better to take their time and use a detour around community college to improve their foundation in studying. Works Cited Addison, Liz. "Two Years Are Better Than four." College Essay Contest 26 September 2007. Carey, Kevin. "Why Do You Think They're Called For-Profit College?" The Chronicle of Higher Education 25 July 2010. Murray, Charles. "Are Too Many People Going to College?" The Journal of the American Enterprise Institute 8 September 2008. Plumer, Brad. "Only 27 percent of college grads have a job related to their major." The Washington Post 25 May 2013. Vermaaten, Diane; Zheng, Yan and Hix, Dan. 2012-13 Tuition and Fees at Virginia’s State-Supported Colleges and Universities. 12 July 2012. Chart 4 2012-13 Full-Time In-State Undergraduate Tuition and Total Mandatory Fees. 3 October 2013.

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