High School Pressure and College Prep

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Most students aspire to attend college, but some do not expect the enormous pressure which will be put on them to go to the best school. Young adults think by receiving a high grade point average, doing community service, and taking part in several extracurricular activities throughout high school will guarantee a spot at any college, but it is not as simple as it may seem. Students receive pressure from their peers to achieve the highest of standards during high school in order to receive an acceptance letter. This peer pressure to attend the best college is caused by the fear of other students taking more advanced classes, having better test scores, and participating in more activities in order to have a better application. Students are constantly being pressured to do better than one another. Students believe if they are enrolled in every honors and advanced placement classes, they will have a better chance of getting in to any college they want to attend. A young girl may find out one of her classmates receives a better grade in a class. The student may fear she is falling b...
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