Heterogeneity Of Internet Essay

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The Internet is a heterogeneous, open, secure, scalable, fault-tolerant, concurrent and transparent system. Internet is the largest example of a distributed system. Internet in made of humongous amount of systems and devices interconnected to each other via a common medium. Following are the attributes of internet: Heterogeneity : Heterogeneous nature of internet is one of the main factors for popularity of internet. We can be connected to internet by multiple devices – mobile phones, laptop computers, PDAs, etc. Moreover, internet itself is made up of millions of small sub-networks. Each sub-network may use different protocol for data transfer and communication within the network. The programming language and hence the data type used by each system may vary as each system is implemented as…show more content…
Unless the resources are owned by someone and the owner provides limited access to it, everything else, which is free, is pretty much available to all internet users. W3C is a part of internet which defines open standards to build applications on web which are accessible to all. Security: If we are considering the data or information security and privacy, internet not being secure in no secret. All the internet users know that whatever information they send out over the wire can be leaked to people to whom it was not intended to be sent. Unless the users take extra efforts to encrypt the information or to password protect data stored online, it can be easily accessed by outside users. Despite of encryption and password protection, there is still good chance of malicious users trying to break the barriers to access protected data by using Trojans, viruses, etc. But if we were to make our systems more secure which means we would have to limit access to the network we are connected on and isolate all resources, which means contradicting the whole point of distributed
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