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Heroes of Slavery "Wherever there is a human being, I see God-given rights inherent in that being; whatever may be the sex or complexion."-William Lloyd Garrison. In this quote, Garrison states that everyone should be equal and have equal privileges no matter what their race or gender is. Garrison was one of the many famous abolitionists who fought to end slavery. Abolitsenternce on abolitionists ionists were part of the historical campaign to free slaves and finish the traffic of slaves also known as abolitionism. Some other abolitionists were Harriet Tubman, Sojourner Truth, Solomon Northup, and Fredrick Douglas. Even though not together they all fought towards the same goal, the goal to end slavery and set free the "caged …show more content…

Harriet Tubman was born into a slave family with the name Araminta Harriet Ross. According to Harriet Tubman by Marie Patterson, Tubman grew up on an agricultural estate. When she was young Tubman heard adults chatting about freedom but did not know what it was. However she knew whatever freedom was it was significant to the slaves and became interested in it. As she grew older she found out what freedom was. Once she even attempted to escape, but unfortunately failed. In the year of 1844, Tubman fell in love with and married John Tubman, a free black man and changed her name from Araminta to Harriet (her mothers' name). Tubman wanted to run away but John always prohibited her from escaping. Around 1849 Tubman received the news that she was going to be sold so she made a plan to escape. She went on the Underground Railroad; a secret way used to help slaves escape and fled to Pennsylvania where she found a job. She wanted to free other slaves so she became the conductor of the Underground Railroad. She died in March 10, 1913 and was buried in Fort Hill graveyard. Harriet Tubman was a woman who put her life in danger for

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  • Explains that harriet tubman was born into a slave family with the name araminta ross.
  • Explains that fredrick douglas was one of the brave abolitionists who fought for freedom.
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