Hero Definition Essay

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Webster’s New World dictionary gives one definition of a hero as “the central figure in any important event or period, honored for outstanding qualities.” Anyone you ask can name someone they view as their hero (from a parent, sports figure, fictional superhero, to a movie star) but very few people would actually define the word hero the same. A good general definition of a hero is a person who is idealized or admired for outstanding achievements, courage, bravery, noble qualities, and unselfish acts for others (Goins, 2012).

Heroes are inspirational role models to others because of their courage and selfless giving. Many heroes are well-educated, but not necessarily in the traditional sense of the word. Their education mostly revolves around knowledge of the communities they live in and with the people with whom they share common dreams and goals. Heroes understand their local and global community in such a way that they are able to focus on the most pressing problems and find effective and creative solutions to those problems. Through their unique and heroic problem-solving they transform the lives of others. The relevant skills inherent in them bring out an aspect of humility, which humbles them to work with others to achieve desired goals (Morse, 2011).

Heroes are brave people who overcome their own pride and insecurities to face the complex conditions presented to them. They put themselves on the front line to defend a moral cause. Dr. Martin King Jr. is an example of a hero because of his bravery for speaking out against racism during a time when this was considered very dangerous. He kept fighting because he believed it was something that had to be done for the good of his race and the entire country. He con...

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...heir time to work beyond the scope of their occupation, in response to a communal need or the need of an individual (Olsson, 2002). In most cases, heroes have a strong impact on the lives of others by helping the less fortunate in their communities. Knowledge and familiarity with their community provides heroes with the proper insight to understand what heroism requires. Strength of character provides the ability to enact heroism. Heroic virtue does not depend on one’s time, place, or condition, but on one’s willingness to rise above circumstances with an ingenuity and determination that can overcome all odds. Anyone that cares for the well-being of others and their community can be a hero. Heroes are all around us; they do what they do without expecting to be recognized for what they do so you may think there are not many heroes today, but they are everywhere.
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