What is A Hero?

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Heroism can be found in everyone. In anything. Heroism can be in any form, in any way. Everyone has a hero, and everyone is a hero. A hero has been expounded in different varieties. Many people search for a hero for their entire lives, but a hero can just be right in front of them. Heroism can be seen within an act, a phrase, or a feeling. A hero can force many people to do the better, for them, and everyone surrounding their life. Everyone has different variations of a hero, some people have the same hero. A hero might not be the highest one of all, but they are something that touches your heart. A hero is someone who comes back and comforts you, who fights through every obstacle to achieve their goal and yours, and who faces their own challenges for the better.
A hero is someone who tries to comfort you. They will fight hand in hand just for your own benefit. In the book “The Odyssey “, Odysseus tries to comfort his men. He tries to comfort his men by telling them that they will fight together through the bad and the ugly. “Circe foresaw for us and shared with me, so let me tell her forecast: then we die with our eyes open, if we are going to die, or know what death we baffle if we can. “ (The Odyssey 5). This quote tells that Odysseus reassures his men to not be scared, that if they die, it will not be a surprise. Also, that they can avoid the hardships through their own knowledge. Marilyn Monroe, she is a huge hero to girls saying that she is already beautiful, and she does not need to change anything about her. Marilyn Monroe stated “A girl doesn’t need someone who doesn’t need her “( explaining that a girl should stop trying and trying to please that someone, if they do not even look at the girl. The girl sh...

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... so many troubles in the past and in the present. When a person has been through a challenge, and they have the strength to conquer they are a hero. It takes so much strength just to even cope with the challenge, and having to resolve it takes a heroic act..
Ultimately, a hero does many sacrifices. They do sacrifices for many people, actually. A hero just does not have one goal, but they can have any goals that they want to achieve. Some heroes do not do the good. They can be bad at first, but soon make their own way to turn good. A hero can not always do whatever the people please, but they can give it a try. The worse things that they can do are not to care or not even try, at all. Some traits of a hero are different than others, but they all mean the same thing. You can say that a hero is basically your inspiration, and the light in your life to keep moving on.
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