Hernan Cortes

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Hernan Cortes conquered all of the Aztecs and created a great new city that is present day Mexico City. Cortes sailed to Cuba from Spain and then from Cuba to Mexico where he found the Aztecs. He was going Mexico to find riches, land, and power for Spain. He accomplished all three of those things. He created one of the first civilization in the New World, which in the future would become a great and grand city. Hernan Cortes was the most successful explorer because he conquered the entire Aztec population, created one of the first and most powerful civilizations in the new world, and started to blend cultures together.
Hernan Cortes arrived in Mexico in the year 1519. The Aztecs were living in their outstanding city, Tenochtitlan, and their ruler Moctezuma II was in charge. Cortes caught word of this stunning city from the indigenous people Cortes and his men created alliances with. He took a few men and went to visit Tenochtitlan and Moctezuma II. When they arrived they were given gold and other riches. Cortes said that “This great city contains a large number of temples, or houses...

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