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After the discovery of the new world, by Christopher Columbus, rapidly the Europeans navigate from their countries to the new world in search of gold and precious rocks that have a value for their kings or queens. Hernan Cortes, born in Medellin, Spain, was a conquistador mainly best known as the conquistador that found Tenochtitlan, which is now call Mexico City. During the conquista Bernal del Castillo and Hernán Cortés describe the struggles and other issues that they had to find the city Tenochtitlan through writing it on a book. Tenochtitlan, at that point, had amazing building structure and an extensive market. The Aztec or Mexica had, when found by Cortez, an extensive knowledge of Astronomy, time, and including Mathematics. After Cortes’s entrance to Tenochtitlan the king, Moctezuma, believe that Spaniards were part of their culture or history, as the same as Toltecs.
The Spaniards’ Entry into Tenochtitlan was written during the conquista, which is the colonisation of ,what we know, Mexico city. Everything started when Cortez arrived on the mainland in the spring of 1519. (Gilbert). Without approval from the Cuban governor Cortez’s crew, of about 450 soldiers, were moving forward to Tenochtitlan while creating relationships with Aztecs enemies such as Totonaca, they welcomed the Spaniards for an open revolt expressing their discontent with the Aztecs. Cortes was prohibited to search or to explore the rest of the inland. The governor stated to Cortez that he should “restrict his mission to fact-finding” meaning that Cortez needed to find facts before he starts to exploring, which he did not do but after three month, he reach Tenochtitlan. (Gilbert). It took, to Cortes, to arrived in Tenochtitlan three months, due to th...

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... will”, which gives Cortes all the power of the kingdom. Plus, Moctezuma is willing to give all the gold to Cortes without interfer. After all the lecture, Moctezuma take off, Cortes and his soldiers rest. All this was recorded during the presence of the great Moctezuma and the conquistador Hernan cortes, which later on would conquer Aztec’s empire, a thing that Moctezuma was afraid.
The market of the Aztecs was wide enough as compared to Europeans, which was big enough to surprise the Spaniards. In this market were selling same trapping or exceeding Spain’s. Moreover, Bernal describes the market as a great thing during exploring it, where they see unexplainable things were he even apologize for his writing, he sees, “ canoes-loads of human excrement” , he explains that are for the “ manufacture of salt and the curing of skin”, and that to us, never heard of usi

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