Heritage Minutes: A Unified Sense of National Identity

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It is universally acknowledged that national identity is the most important element for a country. Without a national identity, it is conceivable that the country will not be unique and completed. If we lose our national identity, we will lose everything within it, such as religion, culture, history, etc. There is no denying that Canadians have been struggling to obtain a unified sense of national identity since Confederation. To help Canadians build an accepted national identity, researcher has found that a national memory project, Heritage Minutes, has been produced by CRB Foundation and become a familiar part of the Canadian media landscape since 1991 (Emily, 2002). These Heritage Minutes are useful in promoting a Canadian national identity because of several interacting reasons: interpreting the history of Canada in a stirring and compelling way, so as to induce Canadians to deeply understand their history; emphasizing on the multi-cultural and multi-perspectival nature of Canada’s past(Emily, 2002), so as to enhance national belongingness. ; contributing to the enriched nationa...

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