Hera's Bad Choices Analysis

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Hera’s Bad Choices
Artemis SD Hera You are the goddess of marriage. I understand that Zeus has cheated on you but that does not give you the right to punish other people. You should talk to Zeus about it. Him cheating on you does not give you the right to punish a nymph. It was not Echo’s fault that Zeus has cheated on you. Echo did not deserve to be cursed by you. All that Echo can do now is echo what people say. You do not have the right to punish the women that your husband has cheated on you with. You’re a terrible, dreadful, awful person and you should be punished for all that you have done. You need to learn how to be a kind, loving person but right now you are far from it. You have a lot of enemies such as Alcmene, Dionysus, Leto, Hephaestus, …show more content…

When you try to punish someone there will always be consequences. You have been facing these consequences since you got married. You need to see the life without consequences. You probably never will though. Remember when you entered that beauty contest with Athena and Aphrodite. The judge was the Trojan Prince, Paris, chose Aphrodite instead of you. You punished him by siding with the Greeks against the Trojans in the Trojan War and you acted as protector of the Greek hero Achilles. You punish to many people and soon they will come back to get you. I am Zeus’s and Leto’s daughter. It was not my fault that Leto is my mother and not you. You need to stop blaming it on everyone else and talk to Zeus about it. Your parents are Titans. They are both bad people and they are on the bad side but that does not give you a reason to be bad and mean to other people. You are turning into your father. You are an unkind, hurtful person. No one will ever forgive you for what you have done. You put a curse on my mother that she could never give birth on mainland. Remember when Galanthis lied to you so you turned her into a weasel. You are a bad, damaging, and destructive person and you should die for what you did to my mother. But I have chosen to forgive you if you be a nice, pleasant woman and not a terrible woman. I am willing to forgive you. You should do the same. Remember when you tricked Semele into asking Zeus to show her his true form and when he did he ended up killing her with the mighty thunder of Zeus. You are a bad person Hera. Also, remember that time when you did something bad to Zeus so as punishment to you he

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