Hepatitis B Essay

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Hepatitis B (HBV) is a common disease in many parts of the world. It is a preventable disease through necessary immunization. However, there are currently millions of people who are still living with this disease worldwide. Chronic hepatitis B is considered to be a dangerous disease because it does not present any symptoms nor a person would feel sick. A blood test for liver enzymes may present within normal ranges that, by the time a person suffer from abdominal pain or the appearance of abdominal distension, any treatment usually becomes less effective. Two out of three Asian Americans with this disease does not know that they are infected. It is considered as one of the “silent killers” that if untreated, hepatitis B can lead to serious liver problems such as, cirrhosis and even liver cancer. While most adults may scape the Hepatitis B virus without becoming chronically infected however, most infants do not. Many people with this disease got infected as infants or young children. Therefore, hepatitis B can be passed prenatally or from an infected mother to her baby at the time of birth. In addition, childhood infection is common with the high possibility of blood exposure from another child as well as from a family member who they live in close contact. Also, from blood exposure or direct contact to an infected person’s blood such as wound-to-wound contact, blood transfusions, and other methods that involves any contact with a contaminated blood would also spread the transmission. Another way to contract the disease is through unprotected sex. An appropriate antiviral therapy would control the virus, but chronic infection lasts for a lifetime. In the United States, hepatitis B infections result in thousands of dea... ... middle of paper ... ...e, risk status related to sex and gender, disability status, and all other populations identified to be at risk for unequal health outcomes or imbalance with disease distribution. Asian Americans as a minority group in the United States, shares the burdens of these health disparities within the cases of acute and chronic hepatitis B and its relation into developing liver cancer which affects Vietnamese Americans the most. Well-designed and well-developed health promotion and disease prevention aims to impact the overall health in the U.S. population. With the different strategies to help in changing health behaviors, modifying lifestyles, closing the gaps between language barriers, and understanding as well developing approach to different beliefs, are all directed into gaining an equal care delivery, health outcomes, and a justifiable distribution of disease.

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