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“Henry Ford and his legacy helped shape are region- and the world.”(Henry Ford) Perhaps no one has done more for transportation than Henry Ford. Henry Ford changed the entire future of the world by his funding and hard work created his first automobile.
He was a son of a farmer and was interested in mechanical work in his early ages. “Ford showed mechanical aptitude at an early age and left (1879) his father’s farm to work as an apprentice in a Detroit machine shop. He soon returned to his home, but after considerable experimentation with power driven vehicles, he went (1890) to Detroit again and worked as a machinist and engineer with the Edison Company.” (Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia) From my experience he was probably inspired to dream big. “Henry Ford was driven. He tinkered obsessively to create a horseless carriage that would change the rural way of life he’d fled as a 16 year old for the grimy lure of becoming a Detroit mechanic.” (Santoro) Henry Ford was taught to never give up, he was truly inspired. His desire to never give up, and to have big dreams helped him be known as an inspiring guy; who did a lot of help with funding.
Funding was the most important part of Henry Ford’s success with automobiles. “Ford Foundation, philanthropic institution established (1936) in Michigan by Henry Ford and his son, Edsel, for the general purpose of advancing human welfare. Until 1950 the foundation was involved in local philanthropic activities, mainly aiding the Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit and the Edison Institute of Dearborn.” (Ford Foundation) His kind acts such as this has made him a very inspiring man. Since Henry Ford did this it has made people that there is so much to life than living it for nothing. “Since 19...

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...when other cars cost $2000 or more. The Model T was tough, resilient and cheap to fix; for a decade it dominated the mass market it helped create.” (Santoro) He has impressed so many people by changing the world and creating the Model T. “Henry Ford built and assembly line to turn out Model T’s with precision and speed. Be ready to revise any system. He said in 1923, if the success of the job requires it.” (Santoro) So this is what paid off. He gets to be known as a good man and he has changed the world forever.
By creating the first vehicle it showed what hard workers and funders are able to do. By changing the world he had a very good reputation. “We appreciate what Ford Motor Company continues to provide for our community.” (Henry Ford) And this is why Henry Ford will never be forgotten; by changing the world. And this is the great legacy of Henry Ford.

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