Hearing Voices and Etheogens

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Hearing voices is considered a cross-cultural phenomenon. A Shaman can use psychoactive drugs to communicate with the spirit realm or a schizophrenic individual may hear voices that command them to commit transgressions towards themselves or against other people. I suggest that it is no longer accurate to only think of voices as either part of a supernatural occurrence or mental disease, instead certain instances of hearing voices should be regarded as psychologically valid events that can communicate to the person metaphorically, about their lives, emotions and environment to help them deal with the harsh realities of living. For instance, people hearing abusive or commanding voices often recognize their voices as those of their actual abusers attacking their sense of self-esteem and worth. Sometimes, people experience helpful and guiding voices that also arise from periods of trauma and stress. In these situations, people tend to use auditory hallucinations and delusions as literal voices of reason in situations where normality is subjective and what is normal is dependent on the community’s pre-established status quo.

Many people claim to have spoken to God, but just who is God? After consulting the dictionaries, this is the definition of God that I found:
"A being conceived as the perfect, omnipotent, omniscient originator and ruler of the universe, the principal object of faith and worship in monotheistic religions."

Although I don’t attempt to define anyone’s experience as invalid, I personally find it hard to believe that someone could actually be speaking with the omnipotent, omniscient character aforementioned. At least two major religions, Islam and Christianity, are based on what most ration...

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...us)As science turns toward an understanding of the primacy of consciousness, I think there is one area where both society and science can agree: the use of entheogens is a very effective tool for both exploring consciousness and for reappraising mystical states. The problem I have trusting anything my mental experience tells me is that these instances are just neurological representations of reality. Most would believe that anyone who can make decisions on the basis of the reality of the situation has a considerable advantage over the individual who must also measure his/her actions against some mythical code of behavior that restricts his/her options. In fact, we can never truly "see" reality, all we see, feel, and think are just external stimuli being translated into neural networks which our brain somehow translates into a perception that our mind can experience.

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