Healthy On A Budget By Madeleine Shaw

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Madeleine Shaw is a health inspiration to people not only across the nation, but across the world. She has used her YouTube channel to spread the message of healthy living by creating video blogs that discuss her healthy eating regimen, her workout routine, and active lifestyle tips. In a recent video by Shaw, she enlightens viewers on how to eat healthy on a budget by sharing her favorite nutritious, but reasonably priced food items. This video, as well as Madeleine Shaw’s entire health channel reflect an active community of people who are interested in healthy living techniques on YouTube. The way that she presents healthy lifestyles and habits are unique within the larger genre of fitness and health channels on YouTube, and reactions within…show more content…
According to her personal website, Shaw is currently studying Naturopathic Nutrition at CNM and has just released her first book called “Get the Glow” (About Madeleine Shaw, 2014). In a recent video called “How to Eat Healthy on a Budget” by Madeleine Shaw, she discusses the struggle of attempting to eat healthy in a world where unhealthy habits are cheaper and more efficient. She then goes into further detail about the challenge of staying healthy as a student at a University. In fact, it is shown in a recent study that freshman weight gain is 5.5 times greater than the general population (The Freshman 15, 2015). Shaw provides tips on where to shop for food in order to beat this statistic and get the most value on healthy items, as well as presenting viewers with specific items that will be beneficial to one’s body, and their wallet. She also explains to viewers that wasting food and not having a budget can make eating healthy extremely expensive. This short video by Shaw is just a glimpse into her many healthy lifestyle videos that she uses to engage her YouTube community of health…show more content…
Besides YouTube, Shaw uses her Instagram, Twitter, public Facebook account, and personal website to engage viewers and provide the community different forms of interaction. Viewers communicate by doing things such as commenting, sharing, or even just liking the post. Viewer’s may express satisfaction with the video, such as Jenna Week’s comment on a recent video that says “I love your videos! Please do more yoga videos like this.” Viewers may also choose to give negative feedback, such as when Jackie Ross expresses her concern in the comments of another video stating that it is “unrealistic to cut out sweets completely.” By allowing viewers to comment and give feedback, Shaw is creating a medium of interaction and support for the

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