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10 Healthcare Nonprofit Organizations Making a Difference Nonprofit organizations play an important part in funding healthcare services for low-income consumers. The individuals that led these organizations typically have roots in the community. These organizations provide a safety net for dealing with society’s most pressing health issues and conform to legal and ethical standards that require them to work toward improving circumstance for their constituents. Rather than distributing earnings to stakeholders, nonprofit organizations use profits to enrich the lives of disadvantaged citizens. Often, these organizations outperform those of comparable for profit enterprises. The following 10 narratives portray just a few nonprofits organizations …show more content…

Jude Children’s Research Hospital open on February 4, 1962 with the goal of helping children lead long, productive lives. [3] The organization provides free housing, meals, transportation and treatment so that families can focus on healing their children. Since then, the organization has raised the cancer survival rate among children from 20 to 80 percent and the survival rate for children diagnosed with Acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL), a disease the meant certain death for children in 1962, to 94 percent. Today, the organization leads the way in develop innovative cancer treatments for children and share information with physician around the world to save thousands of additional young lives. Kaiser Family Foundation The nonprofit Kaiser Family Foundation started out as a private foundation in 1990, reorganized into a private operating foundation and now serves as a public charity. [4] The organization focuses on health issues concerning United States consumers as well as American international health policies. The Kaiser Family Foundation analyzes health policies, partners with major news services, publishes health information and then disseminates this critical information to consumers, healthcare organizations, journalists and lawmakers. National Breast Cancer …show more content…

[9] The group also helps women who have lived through the ordeal cope with the traumatic effects of the event. Group member consists of community member who challenge and oppose political powers that support the female genital mutilation by educating consumers about the practice. As the organization matures, it expands its focus to deal with other issues that threaten to women and their ability to live full, productive lives. Last Mile Health Last Mile Health operates by a simple but powerful premise that all individual should have access to quality of care, even those that live in remote locations. [10] The group defines a last mile community as a settlement the rest more than 5 kilometers from the nearest care facility. People who live in these communities must walk for miles over treacherous terrain. Last Mile Health aims to end unnecessary deaths caused by treatable conditions because consumers cannot reach care providers. Nurses can improve the lives of community constituents by continuously advocating for those who can’t do so themselves. To do this effectively, nurses must continuously hone their skills and abilities in performing civic service. By maintaining advocacy acumen, nurses can educate policymakers on the what changes offer tangible value for improving community

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  • Explains that the task force for global health addresses low vaccination rates in undeveloped regions. the organization helps hundreds of millions of consumers in 154 countries.
  • Describes the global fund to fight aids, tuberculosis and malaria, which works collaboratively to deliver effective treatments for hiv, tb, and malaria to individuals, communities and health systems.
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