Healthcare Administrative Responsibilities

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Top healthcare administrative duties cause one to interact with other healthcare professionals in order to operate Well Care Hospital efficiently. I have had training in personnel conduct and in inter-employee conduct with medical staff, nurses and technologists. It is my job to be concerned with the professional conduct within the healthcare environment. Personnel conduct is vital in the healthcare field because professionalism must be upheld at all times, patient confidentiality, healthcare privacy policies must be followed and integrity must be maintained. These are only a few but very important reasons for all healthcare professionals to practice excellent personnel conduct. My experience in personnel conduct and inter-employee conduct …show more content…

(Saundby, 1907). These limits include unprofessionalism with hospital guests and job affiliated duties, patient confidentiality and practicing any skills that the employee does not have experience in or is certified to do. In essence, healthcare administrators make a commitment to uphold hospital policies, place the clients’ interests first and perform work duties to the best of their ability. Healthcare administrators and professionals are expected to apply their knowledge and skills in servicing the client. As an experienced healthcare professional who has been trained in professional conduct I know that all healthcare professionals must uphold hospital policies at all times. There is very little room for error. If any of the above are compromised then there may be law suits, employee termination or a breach of patient-healthcare administrator relationship. An example of a lawsuit being created is patient information being compromised due to a healthcare professional negligence. This can cause major problems. A healthcare professional is expected to hold their positon in high regards and complete their work in excellence. Patient’s information is confidential and can cause major problems if not handled correctly. Also if a healthcare administrator is accused of harassment or discrimination; this to can cause a …show more content…

The plaintiff must prove with evidence that the defendant owed them a legal duty of care under the circumstances (Supremus Group, LLC, 2008). The existence of this duty is exhibited through a doctor/patient relationship. The duty of care is the level of care that a physician in good standing and with a similar educational background would provide to a patient under similar circumstances (Supremus Group, LLC, 2008). For example, if Patient A (plaintiff) was proving medical negligence then Patient A (plaintiff) would need to prove that Doctor B (defendant) is a current provider who is licensed to give the type of care Patient A (plaintiff) needs. This is usually an easy step in the case. The second element required of a plaintiff to prove medical negligence is the breach of the duty of care in a medical negligence case. If a doctor fails to practice medicine by the standard of care, he/or she breached her duty to their patient. A great example of this is Doctor B (defendant) should be treating Patient A (plaintiff) for pneumonia but treats Patient A (plaintiff) for a common cold. State laws often require medical negligence plaintiffs to provide a sworn statement stating that the medical standard of care was breached and caused harm (Supremus Group, LLC, 2008). The third element is causation as a facet medical negligence. Patient A (plaintiff) should ask

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