Health Service Manager: A Career As A Health Care Manager

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Like most people, it was extremely hard for me to figure out what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. The one thing I was certain of was that I wanted to work in the health field and help people in need. Now I feel confident that I have found the perfect career path for myself which is a Health Services Manager also known as a Health Care Administrator. In this field it is your responsibility to plan, help, and organize health services within a certain unit or area along with keeping up with the latest healthcare laws, policy, and technology. Because of all these characteristics, Health Services Manager is labeled as an administrative career although it does leak into professional. To go into more depth about this career, the public health practice profile can help you see the purposes and services needed for each task. The public health practice profile is a list of essential duties that a certain job entails which helps show the purpose of your job and the services it brings to the community. For a Health Services Manager, some of the public health purposes are to respond to disasters and aid communities in recovery by giving direction and planning accordingly. Another purpose is to guarantee the quality and convenience of health care service by working with legislation and families to accommodate as much as possible. Lastly, a Health Services Manager ensures that healthcare facilities offer the most efficient patient care by planning and coordinating services in hospitals and clinics, supervising specific departments or entire facilities. As far as services go, a Health Services Manager monitors health status to recognize community health problems, mobilizes society partnerships to identify and get to the bottom of health ... ... middle of paper ... ...rom the Indian Journal of Community Medicine 37.4 (Oct 2012) entitled “Public Health Management Education in India” shows the need for health services managers. Samir Mallick states, “…we need PH professionals equipped with technical expertise and managerial skills to design and deliver health programs from national level down to individual level.” Health managers in India work in various departments of PH but are usually from medical backgrounds only with limited training in management and administration. This makes helping any public health issue in India very hard without having any managerial skills. Mallick feels that PH management and administration should be a required part of curriculum because these skills will produce future leaders of Public Health. This is something we should take into consideration and can open up positions for Health Services Managers.
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