Compare And Contrast Non Healthcare Workers Vs. Non Health Care Workers

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Health care workers vs. non health care workers:

New and very expensive technologies comes up in health care every day. As patients need health care services ranging from emergent care to preventive and elective procedures in a daily basis, there is a high job security in a health care field. Working in a health care field requires people skills (personality characteristics that enhance our ability to interact effectively with other people) and technical competence. Health care workers are a part of the nation’s fastest growing industry. Unlike working in grocery or retail stores, health care workers need to be aware of what is going on in the industry.
Uniqueness of the health care jobs:
According to the article, the interaction between
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A health care management professional can determine the level of his or her education, unlike a doctor career.
There are not very many jobs in the small communities for a health care management position so graduates in the field may have to relocate to bigger cities like Boston, New York, Chicago to get a job.
Health care management professionals working in the lower level position may have limited or no education so they either have to go to college for advancement or stay in the same position throughout their life.
Most entry level positions in health care management field pays less than $30,000 yearly.
Although there are some cons of health care management career, I still think the pros outweigh them. Working in a healthcare management field is very rewarding even though the job market in the small cities and rural area is a little limited. I think that the implementation of the electronic health record system across the United States will certainly bring more jobs in those underserved areas. Being working in a similar field, I do enjoy the flexibility the job offers me. If I were working in a different department, I would not have an option of working and studying fulltime. Despite the fact that most of the entry level positions in health care management field are paid less, it is still better than how much other companies pay to their entry level
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