Health Insurance And Health Care

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In the United States, health insurance has been a way to cover insured individuals medical cost. The coverage of insurance depends on the type of health insurance plan an individual has. Each insurance plan varies, and one of the coverages that insurance plans offer is prescription drugs. The cost of prescription drugs, depends on which health insurance plan you have. If an individual does not have health insurance, paying for a prescription drug will be an out-of-pocket cost and cost will vary for those who have health insurance. One of the issues that have been arising in the United States is Prescription drug usage. Many patients are abusing their prescription health insurance coverage and it is affecting their health come. Some of the prescriptions that patients are prescribed, are unnecessary and it is becoming a major problem in the United States health care System. Health care costs are one of the most important modern-day health policy issues. The United States spends more per capita on health care than any other country, with the percentage of gross domestic product dedicated to health care doubling from 9% in 1980 to 18% in 2011(Kesselheim,). One of the contributors to health care inflation is prescription drugs. Pharmaceuticals account for about 10% of total health care costs, spending on pharmaceuticals is poised to swell in upcoming years as a result of the increasing prices of complex specialty medicines (Kesselheim). Name brand drugs are going to have to be set at higher prices, in order for pharmaceutical companies to receive a profit. If the patient has full coverage on a medication, there is a greater chance that medication will be taken, although it may not be necessary. Since some patients have full coverage o... ... middle of paper ... ...ication no adherence and helps advance their health outcomes (Kesselheim). Overall, there are reasons why addressing this issue can improve health care in the United States. Based on their health insurance, there would be fewer individuals who would be less likely to abuse prescription drugs. If patients are not abusing prescription drugs, it would have a positive effect on their health. The rising cost of health care has been a growing element of the government’s spending. Addressing the influence of health insurance on prescription drug usage, could also improve the cost in health care. Controlling health care cost has been a challenge that the United States continues to face. If unnecessary medication was not administered, it would benefit the health care system by saving money and lives. Which will enable the system to improve in other categories in health care.
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