Health Care: The High Price of Medication

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Have you ever thought about the pricing of medication suddenly rising? Most of your allergy medication that is prescribed is a big cut out of a lot of people’s budget. Health care companies are not playing a big role in delivering health services to lower class people, which they should. We all should recognize that our local drug companies are running up the cost of health care. That’s not okay!
To begin with, drug companies are not helping people by providing a series of choices people can choose to get better health care services. One reason pricing goes up is because of fraud. People gaming the system or committing fraud are making the prices increase on a lot of known medications. People who game the system apply false prices on drugs which leads to the government paying companies. To stop this we need to have harsher penalties for people caught gaming the system. Pharmacy’s rising in price because of general and medical cost inflation. Private and public payers are calling for pricing to be lowered. Breakthroughs with medicine create economic and public health utility...
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