Health Care Reform

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Reforming health care system has been a hot topic for many years. A society's commitment to health care reflects some of it's most basic values about what it is to be a member of the human community (Cockerham, 2012). Legislators have been proposing diferrent policies in an effort to solve this dilemma without significant progress. All proposals to expand insurance coverage have had certain flaws and were sometimes far from being ideal or even realistic.

Obama Affordable Care Act presents a reasonable approach to effectively address this challange by building on the current system. This new policy will implement multiple strategies that include strengthening empolyer-based coverage (pay or play), expanding and funding public coverage, and creating a new national purchasing pool offering a range of health plan options for individuals and businesses. Although expanding pulic coverage sounds a great way to cover a huge number of people, it will impose two problems. The first one will be obtaining enough funding resorces, and second will be providing equal and fair health care services to all Americans. Otherwise this will be a different form of socializing medicine where beneficiaries will have very lousy insurane that is not accepted by many healthcare providers and will leave people on a long waiting lists to get any medical service.

I don't beleive that I will be able in this paper to present a miracle proposal that will solve a long lasting and significantly challenging problem that left many of our policy maker gurus baffled. The purpose of this paper is to present some ideas that I believe, as a healthcare provider, will complement the Obama care plan.
1- Expanding public insurance option (Medicare) to cover people ...

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...f expensive unanticipated medical events that could impair their quality of life. This will help maintaing the work force knowing that 81% of the uninsured are from working families. This proposal will also help creating a healthier America and establishing a new culture of following a healthier behavior. According to Cockerham "an important fact of health behavior includes contact by healthy people with physicians and other health personnel for preventive care".

In conclusion, healthcare reform has been a concern for the longest time and actions are highly needed to sustain our healthcare delivery system.

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