Healable wounds

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4.1 Discuss and appraise your approach to managing wounds that are classified as either healable, non-healable or maintenance. Comments on the differences of the approaches between these classifications.
Managing wounds whether it is healable, non-healable or maintenance are becoming more complex and dynamic process that are influenced significantly by the new discoveries and technologies, available researches work, companies’ recommendation, health care institutions recommendation, patients’ beliefs, practitioners’ belief, and availability of the logistics and human resources. My wound management style is based on the adaptation of informed framework, research based, tested recommendation and holistic approach including the patient himself as the centre of consideration of care including multidisciplinary inter-professional approached.
Wounds complexity conditions warrants different specialities and individualized approached from different dedicated professionals. Wounds will be better managed if more experts will deal on it rather than to be cared by single person alone.
In the wounds management, there are existing proven approached created by many experts in the wound management. There are such enablers for wound bed preparation available designed specifically for healable, maintenance and non-healable wounds. To follow this kind of enablers will guide you to your wounds management for a better wound care favourable outcomes.
To achieve desirable wound healing outcome, it should follow a systematic approached management. Wounds should be involved in an accurate assessment, a comprehensive holistic intervention, and requires periodic review or evaluations.
Complexity of human being and the patient wounds demands m...

... middle of paper ... be regularly used. The issue of healthy tissue toxicity related to anti-infective is less consideration in this classification of the wound. Moisture is needed to be minimized, there is no necessity of moisture to proliferate the important substance for enhance wound healing; remember wound healing process will not advance from this stage. Edge of the wound treatment is not necessary. To keep the wound out from infection, pain free, dry, prevent further deterioration and is the goal of care.
Wound that never decrease its size by half on its 6 weeks most probably will not heal on 12 weeks. If the wound is stalled, or not improving, it needs to revaluate the wound management and needs to be reassess by the multidisciplinary team and to improve or intensify the current approached. Wound care needs continue follow up and review to ensure its success.
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