Harpsichord Essay

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The Harpsichord This paper will be explaining the history behind the creation of the harpsichord. This paper will also look at some of the famous harpsichord composers throughout history. There are many other interesting instruments in the world, but the harpsichord made it possible to create many different sounds that led to even greater compositions. The harpsichord was the quintessential instrument in producing the modern days string instruments that are seen in the world today. The harpsichord made it possible to create legendary musical pieces. The harpsichord was one of the main instruments used during the time known As the Baroque Period. Even though the exact year the harpsichord was created there are many written accounts of a…show more content…
The instrument has many keys which were created from ebony and ivory. The harpsichord has chords which were made from brass wire, that are vertical to the instruments keyboards. The harpsichord has a piece called the ‘jack,’ that is attached to another piece that plucks the strings which causes a vibration and produces a sound. The way a harpsichord player can tune the instrument is with the tuning pin, that is located near the player. The harpsichord strings are wrapped around the tuning pin and to tune the instrument, the player has to adjust the tension with a wrench. Once the player thinks the instrument is in tune, they will make sure the chord is playing the correct pitch. The player also has to make sure the strings of the instrument are resting correctly in the slots of the bridge. The bridge of the instrument rests on a piece called the soundboard, the soundboard is essentially where the sound is produced. The vibrations from the strings cause the sound board to vibrate which makes the sound come through the harpsichord. There can also be different sounds produced depending on the lengths of the string on the instrument. If the harpsichord has multiple variations of strings the player has more availability to create different tones while playing. Since the harpsichord has multiple keyboards, it is easier for the player to choose which ones to play to produce the desired sound. The harpsichord has no dynamics though, so the loudness of the instrument stays the same no matter what string is plucked. The case of the harpsichord is what holds all the different pieces of the instrument. The strength of the harpsichord also depends on where the instrument has been produced. The lighter constructed harpsichords are typically created in Italy, but the heavier constructed instruments are created in the Flemish design. The German harpsichords were
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