My Goals: The Different Types Of Goals In Life

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Goals. According to, a goal is defined as the result or achievement toward which effort is directed. I have two main goals in life. My first goal is to complete college with a GPA above 3.0; my second goal is to utilize my degree and obtain a career that will support a family and myself. My goals are not impossible, but without certain motivation I do not believe that I could achieve my goals. In order to understand how motivation works with the two goals that I have for myself, I must first understand the different types of motives. Motives. One type of motive is the biological motive, which is pretty self-explanatory. It is based on the need to survive. We are born with this motive intact. In a sense, this motive is the…show more content…
(Coon & Mitterer,2013) An example of a learned motive would be a child scared of a thunderstorm because his older sister is scared of the thunderstorm. I think this motive comes into play with my goals because society tells us that we need to have good paying jobs, so that we may be able to afford all of the world’s indulgences. Society plays a big role in my goals to finish school with a high GPA. We see now days, children are acknowledged and rewarded when they make good grades. In a way, I want to succeed in college to make myself proud, but make society proud as well because we all want to be acknowledged and…show more content…
Without these three different motives, would I be where I am today? No. If I didn’t have that primary motive to want better for myself, I would not have ever thought about bettering my life for my future. The Biological motive is where my goals were born. The learned motive, in my opinion, has a small part to do with why I want better. For example, I see the way my family lives, and I want to live life the same way. I also see the way poverty stricken families live, and I know that is not the life I want to live. The stimulus motive made my goal a reality. Once my biological motive became evident, my stimulus motive took over; I wanted better, so I am now doing what it takes to have better. Without these motives I would not have the goals I have, nor would I be able to complete my goals. With these different motives, I am able to accomplish my goals, which will then lead me to my

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