Hanri de Pitot: A Brief Biography

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HENRI DE PITOT When somebody tries to investigate the people that have many contributions on fluid mechanics, he can find a lot of engineers, mathematicians, physicists and scientists that have found some theorems and made many inventions. Even though the most known contributors to fluid mechanics are Da Vinci, Euler, Newton, Archimedes, Toricelli or Bernolli, there are many other scientific people that have tried to find something new and to notice that some theorems or theories have been found before are just delusions. Henri De Pitot is one of such people who have been stayed in the background throughout the scientific history. Henri De Pitot, the French genius, was born in 1965. It can be said that Henri was a lucky human in that term because his parents were enough rich to lead a comfortable life. Although they were living in a small town in France, they had really important retutation. Nevertheless, they were anxious about the future of their child because Henri was unwilling to start getting education. Because of this reason, they have planned for Henri to start a military school. However, they couldn’t get enough efficiency from the military school because Henri was still unwilling to be interested in something. During those days, an incident that Henri has encountered accidentally changed Henri’s life. At the beginning, he didn’t have too much desire to get education. However, his life has changed with an event occured in a bookstore. One copy of a geometry book has incidentally caught his Pitot’s attention and has made him want to study something related to science. After he has got education about mathematics almost 3 years, he has settled in Paris when he was just in his 23.... ... middle of paper ... ...hat have many contibutions to different parts of science such as fluid mechanics. While some of them have worked on theorems or theories about the functioning of anything about the life, some parts of scientists have tried to work on making inventions. Some of them are well-known scientists and many people know a lot of information about them. However, there are many other scientists that have stayed in the background. One of them is Henri De Pitot. It is necessary to thank to whole scientific family. MUSTAFA MERT AŞAROĞLU ID: 2010405027 REFERENCES: http://www.uh.edu/engines/epi2213.htm http://www.billcasselman.com/unpub3/pitot_tube.htm http://www.efunda.com/designstandards/sensors/pitot_tubes/pitot_tubes_intro.cfm http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/pitot%20tube http://www.encyclopedia.com/doc/1G2-2830903435.html

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