Andre Marie Ampere

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Andre Marie Ampere was a French Physicist who had many great discoveries throughout his life. He was born on January 22, 1775 in Lyon, France. Ampere created electromagnetism, which started the science of electrodynamics. With this discovery the unit measure of electromagnetism was named after ampere. Ampere was born into a very financially set middle class family. Andre’s mother was a devout woman (Shank). She was a charitable and very religious (Fox). His father (Jean Jacques Ampere) was a successful merchant. Ampere combines both of his parent’s personal traits. His father was a big admirer of Jean Jacques Rousseau, a philosophy scientist. Amperes father believed that and education should be taught from nature and not taught from a school. Jean let his son educate himself in his own well stocked library. By the age of 12 Andre taught himself advanced mathematics. Andre’s mother made his is initiated within the catholic faith along with the Enlightenment of Science (Shank).
His father taught his Latin but after a while saw his son’s greater passion towards mathematics. However, Andre resumed his Latin lessons to enable him to study the work of famous mathematicians Leonhard Euler and Bernoulli. While in the study of his father’s library his favorite study books were George Louis Leclerc history book and Denis Diderot and Jean Le Rond Encyclopedia, became Ampere’s schoolmasters (Andre). When Ampere finished in his father’s library he had his father take him to the library in Lyon. While there he studied calculus. A couple of weeks later he was able to do difficult treaties on applied mathematics (Levy, Pg. 135). Later in life he said “the new as much about mathematics when he was 18, than he knew in his entire life. His reading...

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...o death was he had found 3 culminating points of life: 1- Everyone should be involved in First Communion, 2- Read the reading of Thomas’s Enology of Descartes, and 3- Read the taking of Bastille (Andre). He also said in a letter to his friend that “Doubt, is the greatest torment that a man suffers on Earth.” His journal had a whole unknown side of Ampere that he didn’t let out (Fox).

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